noun. Highly intelligent, devious creatures. Able to charm visitors into providing them with much coveted scritches and treats. Escape artists and enthusiastic landscapers. Begin life as bacon seeds before maturing into full blown porkers.

NOTE: Due to an increase in feed costs and the need to focus on several construction projects on the farm this year, there are no pigs on site for 2023. Pigs will be returning to Simply Ducky Farm in 2024.

Every summer I bring in three to six  weaner pigs – the goal being to bulk them up in time for freezer camp in the late fall. Raised in an outdoor, portable shelter, the pigs are moved about a section of future pasture (which they merrily tear up and fertilize) keeping them active, happy, and able to indulge in a case of the zoomies at any time.

Since the piglets are weaned (hence the term “weaner pigs”) they are immediately fed a diet of pig feed with access to fresh grass and underbrush, followed by apples as the fall approaches. 

The Herd

I raise primarily Yorkshire-Landrace cross pigs – the classic “pink piggie”. These animals have been bred to be hardy, fast growers and if provided with a suitable diet and lots of stimulation in an outdoor environment will produce a very lean pork.

The Visitor Experience

For the first few weeks after the pigs arrive they are very curious but very shy – visitors are encouraged to help the pigs get used to seeing and interacting with people. After they warm up to their new home the pigs are very interactive and enjoy scritches, treats, and meeting new guests inside their pen. As the pigs mature and fall approaches their increased size and change in temperament can make it safer for visitors to interact with them from outside the fencing. 

Pigs are exceptionally clean animals and will not foul their home – they in fact will choose one or two places to treat as their bathroom, making a pig pen with enough space a very tidy environment.


  • Interactivity – Up to Two Weeks
  • Interactivity – Two Weeks to Three Months
  • Interactivity – Four Months


At this time I am not breeding my own pigs and am instead bringing in weaner pigs to raise for pork. Once some other projects are wrapped up I will be working on a suitable facility to keep pigs safe and happy year round for breeding purposes.


Lean, lightly sweet, and very juicy – pork from pigs that have lived a good life, with lots of room to move around, abundant variety of fresh food, stimulated and able to play, results in an exceptionally healthy and tasty cut of meat. Although my pigs will only weight out at 90-100 lbs per side, there is relatively little fat compared to animals with a less active life.


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