Open Farm Day 2020

Unfortunately, due to public health recommendations, Open Farm Day is going to be a virtual only event this year.

This will be my third Open Farm Day and I will really miss seeing all the kids and adults come by to see my little farm. Last year we had over 800 visitors in just the five hours we were open!

Since it is always the kids (and kids at heart) who enjoy the animals the most, this year I have decided to take part in the Virtual Open Farm Day – for the kids.

Open Farm Day 2020 at Simply Ducky Farm

Join me as I go live on Facebook at 9:15AM (Landrace/Yorkshire cross pigs), 11:00AM (North Country Cheviot sheep), and at 1:00PM it will be the Pygmy goats and Potato. at some point we’ll also visit the chickens. 


Each Live event will be fairly short and geared solely towards the kids. We’ll feed the piggies some treats and give them back scratches. We’ll meet little Bucket, the youngest lamb, and make sure the sheep say hi to everyone watching. And lastly, we’ll visit with little Rhubarb, her Mother Princess Shouty Pants, all their friends, and Potato – the sheep who thinks she is a goat.

If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them in chat after the last live event but I’m afraid it will just be working my phone so I likely won’t be able to reply during the live event.

If any of your kids have questions I can answer during the broadcasts, send them in! I’d be happy to mention your child’s first name, read out the question, and answer it as best I am able.

Thank you all for your understanding but there can be no visitors on the farm during Open Farm Day- this is an online event only.

What to Expect



What to Expect

Open Farm Day is a program organized by The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture under the Meet Your Farmer program.

The schedule of this online-only event is as follows:

9:15 AM

Meet the Pigs and we’ll feed them some treats and give them some back scratches.

11 AM

Meet the Sheep – inlcuding the littlest lamb, Bucket and her friends Scootie Butt and Rambo!

11 AM

Meet the Pygmy Goats – including little six month old Rhubarb and Potato, the sheep who thinks she is a goat!


As we won’t be having any visitors on the farm for this Open Farm Day I’ve inlcuded below some photos from last years Open Farm Day.


Open Farm Day 2020 is on Sunday, September 20th and is an online only event.  Please contact me on Instagram, Facebook, or email if you would like to book a Farm Tour outside of this time.

As a reminder, ALL Farm Tours are by appointment only and must follow COVID-19 safety rules. Anyone arriving at the farm unanounced will be turned away. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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