Open Farm Day 2018

Simply Ducky Farm took part in the Nova Scotia Open Farm Day for 2018! Thank you to everyone who joined me on  September 16th from 10am to 3pm for a tour of my little farm and meet all the wee beasties up close and personal.

People started showing up at 930am and by 1pm I had lost count after 382 people had passed through. By the time the last visitor left we had between 500-600 people visit! The goats were a huge hit with kids big and small, everyone wanted to know why it was advertised as “pet a Potato”, and many a visitor was excited to hold a day-old baby quail. Although the intent was to offer guided tours every hour of my small, family-scale farming operation I generally ended up answering questions in the goat field or by the pigs as people came and went.

A big thank you to the volunteers who made this all possible – Kristel and her daughter Ella, Ashley and her daughter Georgina from Wild Orchid Farm, and my brother Ben, and Mother Margaret from Cornect Family Farm. The day would not have gone off so smoothly without their help.

The 2018 Open Farm Day at Simply Ducky Farm was sponsored by HOLNA Farm Services – a great company that has been a cornerstone of local agriculture and has been of tremendous help to my little farm as it has grown over the years.


What to Expect




What to Expect

Open Farm Day is a program organized by The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture under the Meet Your Farmer program.

Below are a few of the more commonly asked questions before the event itself:

What other farms can I visit along with Simply Ducky Farm?

There are thirty-six farms taking part on the 2018 Open Farm Day experience. You can find a map of every location in the province here. In the Antigonish & Guysborough County area only Simply Ducky Farm and West River Holsteins are participating this year.

What animals can I expect to see?

Simply Ducky Farm raises North Country Cheviot Sheep, Alpine Goats, and Quail all year. From May to October I also raise Cornish Cross Chickens and from mid-June to late October Landrace Pigs.

Some animals (such as the Alpine Goats and one Potato-sheep in particular) have been bottle fed and are very hands-on and hungry for attention. Other animals (such as the Pigs and Sheep) are not always friendly or safe to interact with so it’s less hands on with them.

I should also have a new batch of Quail chicks  – a great experience for young children.

Can I try some farm products?

Although I regularly drink goat’s milk and create some amazing cheese from it, due to regulations concerning the storage, treatment, and production of goat’s milk, I am unable to share any of the milk or cheese I produce on the farm.

There will be a selection of Goats Milk Soap available for purchase from Wild Orchid Farm who will be in attendance and I would encourage anyone interested to signup for some of her soap making classes taking place later this year.

I will also have homemade lemonade on hand from Cornect Family Farm  – the proceeds of which will go towards the construction of the new Antigonish Farmers’ Market building.

I anticipate having a selection of pickled and packaged Quail eggs available for sale as well.

Can I bring my pet? They're really friendly!


Due to safety and health concerns no pets are allowed on the premises during Open Farm Day. Aside from concerns regarding unsafe interactions between family pets and other attendees, you have to realize that you are coming to the animals home and safe place. It is unreasonable to bring an animal along which, no matter how well intentioned, will be stressful or possibly cause injury to the farm animals due to their enthusiasm.

Anyone with a pet on site (with the obvious exception of service animals) will be quickly and firmly asked to leave. No exceptions.

Thank you for your understanding.

Do you have baby animals I can play with?

All of my goats are suckers for a good chin scratch or some affection.

Right now I have four babies on the farm:

  • Pancake – an Alpine doeling
  • Hightower – an Alpine wether (a “fixed” buckling)
  • Snuffy – an Alpine doeling
  • Potato – a North Country Cheviot ewe lamb (who thinks she is a goat and acts like a dog – don’t ask)
Is it clean?

It is a farm.

Although I keep everything neat and tidy and the animal pens are mucked out regularly, they are still animals. This means that unlike a house-trained cat or dog they do relieve themselves well, everywhere. This is especially true of the chickens which free-range in the yard between the barns.

Visitors should wear appropriate footwear (no sandals!) and are encouraged to watch their step 🙂


If you have enjoyed a farm tour or Open Farm Day 2018 and would like to share any of your pictures, please email them to me and I’d be happy to add them to my collection!


  1. Open Farm Day 2018 is on Sunday, September 16th from 10am to 3pm only.  Please contact me on Instagram, Facebook, or email if you would like to book a Farm Tour outside of this time.
  2. No smoking is allowed anywhere on the property.
  3. Electric fencing is in use throughout the Farm – children must be supervised at all times.
  4. No pets are allowed on the property during Open Farm Day with the exception of service animals.
  5. Anyone acting in a dangerous, disruptive manner or anyone causing distress to the animals will be promptly asked to leave or be removed from the property. Farm animals are living creatures and deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.
  6. Open Farm Day is a public event occuring at a private residence and property. Your cooperation in helping me keep the site neat and tidy is appreciated.


Take Exit 35 off the Trans-Canada Highway, and turn North onto the Southside Harbour Road for 2km. Simply Ducky Farm is located on the left, second house after the train tracks (look for the sign). Please note that parking is at an absolute premium. Please drive carefully and be considerate of any pedestrians.

If you have any questions regarding my location please contact me by Instagram, Facebook, or Email.

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