Closed until March 2023


Minimum Donation

Tours are running again in 2023!

I am pleased to offer tours of my little farm to the general public by appointment and in exchange for a minimum $25 donation towards feed, insurance, and medical costs.

Farm Tours usually last 45 – 60 minutes and are a great way for groups of up to nine people to interact with the wee beasties, help in the feeding, and learn a little about where our food comes from.


Please note: Due to the current weather and impending births, Farm Tours are currently suspended until March of 2023. Thank you for your interest but it’s time for the animals and I to take a break in January and February.

Due to the ongoing work required to build my new farm from the ground up the available times for Farm Tours are extremely limited at the current time. This will hopefully change as the summer progresses.


Terms & Conditions

By booking a tour you acknowledge that you have read and understand the below rules.

  1. Farm Tours are provided by appointment only – no drop ins are permitted.
  2. All tours are provided in exchange for a donation towards feed, insurance, and medical costs.
  3. Electric fencing is in use throughout the Farm – children must be supervised at all times.
  4. No pets are allowed during Farm Tours. Period. Service animals can be accommodated with advance notice.
  5. Simply Ducky Farm assumes no responsibility for the actions of visitors and will do everything possible to ensure that every visit is exciting, informative, and completely safe. Guests are requested to act responsibly and be mindful at all times of the animals personal space.
  6. No smoking on the premises. It is bad for my health and equally so for the animals.
  7. I must be notified in advance of any individuals visiting for a farm tour who may be prone to involuntary movement or sudden, loud outbursts due to medical or other conditions. Animals in general do not react well to being  startled and in some circumstances may pose a danger to themselves or others when confronted with sudden movement or loud noises. Special arrangements can be made to ensure that any such guests have a safe, exciting visit.
  8. Anyone acting in a dangerous, disruptive manner or anyone causing distress to the animals will be promptly asked to leave or be removed from the property. Farm animals are living creatures and deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. This farm is their home and they have every right to feel safe and secure here.
  9. There is currently no bathroom access available due to COVID-19. Please plan accordingly (sorry!).
  10. Hand sanitizer must be applied thoroughly before handling the animals.


What to Expect

Farm Tours at Simply Ducky Farm are not a formal, scripted event. Each one is a little different depending on the interests of the people on the tour, the weather, and the mood of the animals.

Below are a few of the more commonly asked questions:

How long is a Farm Tour at Simply Ducky Farm?

The typical length is around 45-60 minutes. Since the health and safety of the animals is foremost in my mind, it really depends on how energetic the people on the tour are. Sometimes small children can be exhausting for the animals and other times I have to pry everyone apart with a crow bar (especially when those goats who love to curl up on a lap find a new friend…)

In short, I play it by ear.

What happens if we're rained out?

The bulk of the tour can take place in a 40 x 40 foot barn. The pens are sized for ease of access and small groups can be quite comfortably accommodated inside and out of the rain or snow.

Guests are still advised to bring rain gear if it is a wet day and they wish to see the pigs or chickens (which are housed seperately).

What animals can I expect to see?

Simply Ducky Farm raises  Pygmy & Alpine Goats year round. From May to October I also raise Cornish Cross Chickens and from June to late October Landrace-Yorkshire Pigs.

Some animals (such as the Goats) have been bottle fed and are very hands-on and hungry for attention. Other animals (such as the Pigs) are not always friendly or safe to interact with for smaller visitors so it’s less hands on with them.

Depending on the time of the month I may also have a new batch of chicks which can be quite hands-on at times – a great experience for young children.

Why do you ask for donations?

Liability insurance for having people visit my farm is expensive and donations are a way to defray that cost and the cost of feed.

Any donations go directly towards the cost of insurance which helps me make my little farm available for people such as yourself to enjoy. I also keep several ‘non-productive’ animals on my farm year round who make for a great experience for guests young and old. Your donations help defray the cost of feeding these animals throughout the year.

Your support is greatly appreciated!


How much should I donate?

The minimum suggested donation for a one-hour tour is $25. For larger groups it is requested that they donate according to their size.

Your support is greatly appreciated as it makes these Farm Tours possible.


Do you have baby animals I can play with?

Only from early spring to mid-summer – then (as tends to happen) they grow up 🙂

All of the baby goats are regularly handled and some are bottle-fed and as a result they are very friendly. Even the adults are playful at times. Once the babies are weaned off the bottle completely (usually around 8-10 weeks of age) I won’t have any more bottle feedings (or babies) until the following year.


Is it clean?

It is a farm.

Although I keep everything neat and tidy and the animal pens are mucked out regularly, they are still animals. This means that unlike a house-trained cat or dog they do relieve themselves well, everywhere. This is especially true of the chickens which free-range in the yard beside their barn.

Visitors should wear appropriate footwear (no sandals!) and are encouraged to watch their step 🙂



If you have enjoyed a farm tour and would like to share any of your pictures, please email them to me and I’d be happy to add them to my collection!

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