The farm, the farmer, and the animals.

My name is Crispin Cornect and I farm because I like animals, I enjoy seeing the fruits of my hard work, I like working with my hands, and I enjoy seeing the enjoyment others get from the results of my efforts. I have been in retail, management, sales, consulting, and am now running my own Web Design & Technology Consulting business. None of those careers have given me as much satisfaction as farming.

In 2020 I made the decision to sell my little 7 acre farm and re-locate to a larger piece of land to enable my farm to grow. Unfortunately the whole process ended up taking place during the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic and needless to say, it was an adventure.

Although my new location gives me room to grow, that room has to be created out of standing forrest, the overgrown fields of what was once a thriving farm 60 odd years ago. As a result progress is slow but steady.

You can have a more comprehensive looks at my little farm operation on the other pages of this website but Facebook and Instagram are the places to go for a day by day feed of the adventures on the farm.

Pictured above: the farm as of May 2023. Everything has had to be cleared and the fields started largely from scratch.

Farm Tours

These days an increasingly large number of people are insulated from their food supply – meat, fruit, vegetables, and grains all come from the grocery stores. Period. I feel it’s important for people to make the connection between farming (no matter how small the scale) and the food they eat. My hope is that when a connection is made (or re-made) it will encourage people to think about where their food comes from, whether it is grown sustainably, and the welfare and well-being of the people who grow it for them.

To that end I offer Farm Tours – short (less then an hour) visits to my farm where people can interact with the animals, learn a little about what it means to have a small farm, and ask any questions they might have. Some of the most rewarding moments I have had farming are when children get up close with one of many wee beasties (often for the first time) and have a chance to hold a chick, hug a goat, or pet a sheep.

All I ask in return for the tour is a donation toward the insurance costs of having people visit my farm.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

The Treatment of Animals

I believe in raising animals in a safe, healthy environment, with the best possible balance between productivity and the well-being of the animal in question. I grew up on a farm of sorts – there was pulpwood, blueberry fields, inland aquaculture, turkeys, and chickens.

My Father worked away during the week during much of my childhood and would only be home on the weekends when we would have to double down to get everything done before he had to leave again. Although I will be the first to claim I didn’t always have fun doing chores, (firewood drove me insane, I lost whole pints of blood to the mosquitos, and things were often rushed) one thing that always stuck with me is the respect for the animals and their well-being that my Father still has to this day. You can rush a lot of things when you’re tired, busy, and there always seems to be too much to do – but you cannot rush animals. I’ve always remembered that and it’s something I hold my Father in the highest regard for.

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