We’re moving! Farm Tours are temporarily unavailable. Click here for more information

We’re Moving!

For those of you worried about where you will get your next fix of cute animals, don’t worry! I am not moving very far at all and will still be located just a short drive outside Antigonish. The animals and I have just two weeks to relocate to temporary accommodations while our new home is being prepared but we will be holding Farm Tours again as soon as possible.

Due to the short closing window for this property and the challenges presented by relocating a home, a business, and a farm to temporary locations (and then again to the permanent home) Farm Tours will be curtailed for the immediate future

I’ve lived in South Side Harbour for over seven years now, having moved onto a piece of old farm land that hadn’t been worked in several decades. Since that first summer in 2013 I’ve slowly restored the pastures, ripped up alders, hauled rocks, and mowed down the weeds and thistles (so, so much mowing). 

Tim Wonders
In 2014 the first field posts went in. Chickens landed (something we always raised as kids). Pigs arrived each summer (something new for me). By 2015 I’d secured a neighbouring piece of land and with the help of family, the first barn went up. A good friend helped me track down my first goats. Sheep came next (and more sheep!). Since then I’ve added two more barns, a second fenced field, another two and a half acres of pasture, and a literal tonne or two of pigs and chickens on top of the sheepies and goats.

All this time I have known exactly what I want to eventually build and I recognized that being unable to expand beyond the seven plus acres I have here, that pursuing my dream may involve a move. Since expansion is no longer a realistic possibility, it’s time to move.

Sadly COVID-19 has impacted virtually ever aspect of this move from permits to contractors, from building supplies to shipping deadlines. As a result the new barn will not be up until January 2021 (weather permitting). This will obviously create even more delays in opening Farm Tours again.

Thank you to everyone for your support and your patience while life gets just a little bit crazier for the next few months.

Little Farm, Big Heart

Simply Ducky Farm is a small registered farm located in Eastern Nova Scotia. Sitting on seven and a half acres, I raise North Country Cheviot Sheep, Alpine Goats, Pigs, and Chickens. I also provide Farm Tours to people (young and old) who like to meet and greet my four legged beasties.

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